Jax Speedway

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Jax Speedway

Post  jaf on Wed Feb 16, 2011 8:57 pm

Hi. I used to attend the old track in the late 60's and early 70's and then the new track on Pecan Park until 1980. Hardly ever missed a race.

I was wondering what happened -- why the track closed? I've been out in California since 1981 and lost track of the local racing. Was it he loss of Julian Klein, the economy, or what?

Out here in San Diego we are in a similar situation -- relatively large city without a major short track (Cajon Speedway closed several years ago.)



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Re: Jax Speedway

Post  Admin on Fri Feb 18, 2011 7:35 pm

Julian Kline sold the track many years ago. The track closed in 2005. It was sold. Jacksonville no longer had a race track. We have the Hall of Fame here in Jacksonville and it is going strong...

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