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Ed Eng

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Ed Eng

Ed Eng was born in Nashua, N.H., of French-Canadian parentage on June 30, 1904. On his birth certificate, he was officially listed as Edward Bellefleur. He changed the Bellefleur to Eng because as he put it, “It was easier for the sports writers to put it in the headlines”.
“Speedy” Ed Eng was known, and respected, from Maine to Miami Beach and his inevitable cigar was as famous as he was. The stogie was a superstition with Eng and he never entered a race without one clinched firmly between his teeth.bHe began his racing career as a kid, hanging around the pits when he was barley out of knee- pants. Ed won his first race at the age of 16 which was also his first time out. In 1938 he was the Florida Beach Champion in Stock Cars and Florida Midget Champion.

He was killed at Jacksonville Speedway on July 4, 1952 as a flag-man at the track. Standing near the race course, he was injured fatally, when a race car went out of control and veered into the infield. 1904 - 1952.

Ed was inducted into the Jacksonville Stock Car racing Hall of Fame in 1991.


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