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Charles Waynewright Browning

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Charles Waynewright Browning

Charlie was born on April 4, 1922 in Jacksonville, Florida. He became involved with Stock Car Racing in the early 1940’s while working for Milford Motor Company. Milford owned several race cars and Charlie towed these cars to the race track with Milford’s wrecker. He also was the wrecker drive for the Old Jacksonville Speedway on Lenox Avenue.

Charlie later owned Browning Fuel Oil and Appliance Company and sponsored race cars owned and built by Speedy Spiers. Charlie helped with financing and his desire to have the fastest cars on the race tracks and many drivers made a name for them self, winning races at the Florida and Georgia race tracks. Browning Fuel Oil sponsored cars driven by Willie Carter, David Ezell, Jimmy Capps, Eldon Yarbrough, Eddie MacDonald, Wayne Shugart, Jack Nolan, Larry Flynn, Rod Eulenfeld and Tiny Lund. All these drivers have been inducted into the Jacksonville Stock Car Racing Hall of Fame and Charlie Browning’s sponsorship helped put them there. In June 1965 one of Speedy Spiers cars set a new track record at the Valdosta Speedway in Georgia.

Charlie was walking across the race track, fell and broke his leg. At the hospital he was found to have bone cancer and was given 6 months to live. On November 4, 1965, Charlie passed away. He is truly missed by all his peers and remembered as one of the finest fellows in racing. Charlie is survived by his wife, Clara and daughter, Melinda.

Charlie was inducted into the Jacksonville Stock Car Racing Hall of Fame in 1994.

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