Edward Patrick MacDonald, Sr.

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Edward Patrick MacDonald, Sr.

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Edward Patrick MacDonald, Sr.

Eddie was born April 28, 1930 in Dayton, Maine. He began his racing career at Beach Ridge Speedway, in Maine at the age of 18. He raced at many tracks in the north. He was badly injured on a small asphalt track in Sanford, Maine and was told he would never walk right again.

In 1955 he came to Ft. Benning in Columbus, Georgia. While there he began building and driving cars for Jimmy Thomas. He also built his own car to drive at Daytona in 1959 the first year they opened. He also raced at many other tracks throughout the south such as Darlington, Atlanta and Nashville. Eddie built and drove for other owners such as Speedy Spiers, John Hipps, Laverne Kendrick, Bruce Brantley, Wally Masters, and Milt Henery (midget Champion). He also team raced for and with Tiny Lund.

He has been known as the hardest driver everywhere all through his career and was promoter’s choice at a lot of tracks. Throughout his career, he won many championships including some at Jacksonville Speedway. One year at Jacksonville, Eddie Jr. won the Championship over his father, so he must have been a good teacher also. Eddie operated his own race team for seven years. In the 70’s he averaged 51,000 laps at a $1.00 a lap, per year. His three sons, Eddie Jr., Mike and Jerry all enjoyed racing and were part of his race team. All three sons have driven at one time.

Since he quit driving, Eddie decided there needed to be a class of cars more people could afford. In 1990, he began South Georgia Open Wheel Modified Association, which stresses economy. Eddie was married to Esther, a retired school teacher after thirty five years. Esther passed away in 2005. They both enjoyed going to the races and spending time with their grandchildren. Eddie still calls Tifton, Georgia his home.

Eddie was inducted into the Jacksonville Stock Car Racing Hall of Fame in 1993.

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